TM Mansfield

Terry Lee Mansfield & Monte Mansfield MFA

have been collaborators in life, business, and art education for decades. TM Mansfield has focused primarily on
Unlocking Human Potential
through the arts, preparing their students for the
real world. TM Mansfield developed and delivered an A-G fine art program called 
Fabrication & Design. Their students developed creativity, learned life skills, problem-solving
and critical thinking.

Terry Lee Mansfield 
Monte Mansfield MFA
In public education, we have had students who represented the "Hope of America" sitting alongside students who were heading towards the "America's Most Wanted" list.  ​​​​​​ As educators, we have the power to support students who are moving in the right direction. However, there is a special triumph when the student who is heading for disaster is redirected and put on track to become an amazing success. 
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