3C Character, Courage and Communication

On the surface, 3C is a whole lot of fun. However, the class objective of 3C is to build up the students' Character (personal development), Communication skills and Courage (confidence). The students will be engaged in the theatrical elements of the class while social and emotional learning is woven into this curriculum. In this environment, the participants will learn about and reach for emotional control and resilience.

US Modern History
& Passport to the Past

Terry & Monte Mansfield MFA

US-Modern History (8th grade)

US - Modern History in living color. With some theatrical flair and enthusiasm history can come alive. How did we get here? Why is it so important to know the answer? What makes the United State unique? Getting an understanding of the American journey will help our young people value the cost of freedom and what has been built by the previous generations. It will also help the student take an interest and participate in the future of American.​

Passport to the Past  (K-6th grade)
What country had the greatest power 400 years ago? What was it to like to be a kid in those days? Why did the first Europeans migrate to the wild and untamed land of America? What was it like to be at the signing of the Declaration of Independence? How did America become America? In Passport to the Past history comes alive and becomes relevant to our young students through an engaging and often theatrical curriculum.

World Discovery

We will travel the world and discover the art, music and culture of many countries. The experience will provide a vibrant introduction to places such as Japan, Ireland and Italy and many more. Our students will create crafts as they are inspired by images and examples that feed their imaginations.

In addition, geography and historic information will be woven into the curriculum. The arts engage the student’s interest and they are much more likely to absorb and embrace information when it is presented in this dynamic way.

3D FabDesign

In our fun and challenging 3D FabDesign program, our students will tackle a wide range of disciplines from individual fine motor skills to the corporate constructing of an architectural form. Students will first learn to sketch and communicate in a visual language.  As we progress our fabricators will learn about the wonderful world of tools and building materials. Wood, hardware, PVC, plaster, paint, textiles and more will be incorporated in the curriculum. Rudimentary building principles will be introduced which includes safety, measurement (math), scale
, form and function, along with many other industry standards.

In the TM Mansfield learning environment, we consider the student as the work of art in progress. Our emphasis is on discovering the students unique gifting while giving them the opportunity to explore the world of fabrication and design. The tech-savvy designer or engineer has a far better under-standing of any given process if they have hands-on know how. Becoming a proficient fabricator builds confidence while giving the individual freedom and the capacity to visualize and execute complex designs.

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