Knight School 
Royal Arts & Theater
Summer Camp

A passport to the past where kids find themselves inspired by the ancient ethos of the knights.

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  Knight School  is designed to help protect and direct
the potential of your kids.

Protect - Anti-bullying
When faced with bullying or negative influences is your child prepared? Knight School offers valuable tools and a powerful defense. Social and emotional learning is woven into this dynamic message as students become more resilient and less of a target.
Direct - Personal Development
Virtus means virtue (Latin) and the Knights exemplified many virtues. We introduce the "Code of the Knights" and encourage a return to chivalry. Our students learn to value these virtues and they'll understand what it takes to become a considerate and powerful individual.

Royal Arts & Theater Camp

by TM Mansfield Educational Adventures Inc. (DBA - TMMEA) 

ARTS - The Summer Knight School Camp includes fun and meaningful art challenges. The students will expand their creative sensibilities while developing a personal coat of arms (utilizing a vacuum forming system) and motto. They will also be crafting old world items in this curriculum while developing real-world skills. Problem-solving, citizenship and personal responsibility are vital elements that are woven into this powerful and fun experience.

THEATER -Each day the participants will explore a different virtue of the knights in the theater portion of the camp.
In our castle throne room, we'll answer questions such as...
What does it mean to have valor? Why did the knights learn how to be well mannered as well as brave?
Why is the consideration of others so powerful?


Faith Community Church 

2700 Rancho Pancho, Carlsbad, CA 92009
Elementary Students 1st-5th grade

Monday -Thursday from 10:00 am to 2:00 pm
June 17th till July 7th (Three weeks) 
There will be no class on the 4th of July (Thursday) 
We will have our last day of camp on Friday, July 5th.
$600   Call (760) 277-7443 for more information!
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Acronym for V.I.R.T.U.S      
Valor         = Courage to face the challenges of life.
Integrity  = To live honestly with honor, even when no one is looking.
Respect    = Courtesy to all and preserving the well being of others.
Truth         = A steadfast conformity to facts. Speaking the truth, fidelity.
Unselfishness   = Consideration of others before oneself, generosity.
Self-discipline  = The ability to control one's feelings and overcome
                                      one's weaknesses.