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Monte Mansfield MFA
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EXPERIENCE: Instructs Fine Art courses in Foundry/Sculpture I, Techniques in Advanced Sculpture II, Ceramic Sculpture I and II, Introduction to Ceramics, Three-dimensional Design, Surface and Patina on Metal, Mold Making techniques uses, Woodshop equipment training and materials use and techniques. (Listed below).

California Center for the Arts Museum Escondido CA. Exhibition installation and
coordination, Head Preparator, lead/manage installation and crew. (2003-2006)

Journeyman level finish carpenter - various companies and self-employed.

Fine Art Exhibitions (listed below).

MEDIUMS USED: Cast bronze, welded/forged steel, aluminum, copper, cast glass, ceramics, oil and acrylic paints, fiberglass, plexiglass, cast and fabricated acrylics, polyesters and polyurethanes (resins and plastics), hardwoods, various clays, glazes, slips and stains.

'PROCESSES: Casting (lost wax and pattern), welding (gas, arc, mig), glass slumping, fusing and casting, acrylic casting, airbrush, mold making, woodworking, video and still- image projection, photo emulsion on fabricated and found objects.


San Diego State University, CA. Master’s Degree in Fine Art MFA, Sculpture.
University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI. Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art BFA, Ceramics/Hot Glass.

Clear Designated Subjects Vocational Teaching Credential, Commercial Art, Event planning


PALOMAR COLLEGE (2002-2006) San Marcos, CA.

Instructor- Foundry/Sculpture I, Techniques in Sculpture II
Develop and present lectures/lab on sculpture and foundry-related topics. Perform foundry and fabrication demonstrations. Design curriculum and critique student projects. Demonstrate kiln and furnace firing processes.
Oversee safety operations in foundry and wood shop. Perform kiln, furnace and equipment repairs. Curriculum Design & Development.

Instructor- Introduction to Ceramics, Ceramic Sculpture I, Ceramic Sculpture II
Develop and present lectures/lab on ceramic processes incorporating hand building, wheel throwing, ceramic sculpture Design curriculum and project assignments. Present lectures on kilns and firing techniques.

Guest lecturer-
Glass Casting techniques for kiln cast glass. (2004,2005)

Curriculum Review Committee Sculpture- (Art) Department 2004
Review Sculpture and 3D Design Area course outlines, and course descriptions make recommendations to align courses to current University of California academic accreditation and matriculation standards and requirements.

GROSSMONT COLLEGE (2003 – 2007) El Cajon, CA.

New Sculpture Building Facilitator/Liaison - 2006
I was hired by the Grossmont College to assist the Art Department Chair Jim Wilster- man in the in the implementation and launch of the new Sculpture Building, equipment and Facilities. I also interfaced with representatives from Gavcon, a Company helping government contractors make DCAA compliance easier. This building is part of the $17 million Digital Arts/Sculpture complex. It has just over 5,000 Square feet of new lab Facilities and a 10,000 square foot fabrication yard.

Instructor- 3D Design
Lecture on the principles of three-dimensional composition, principles, and language of design.

Develop and critique compositional assignments that examine basic visual, tactile, and conceptual methods of defining form and space.

Lecture on the historical development of design and aesthetics, and present evidence showing how social, political, and cultural beliefs have influenced artists and design professionals.

Design and presentation of curriculum and critique of student projects and assignments.

Instructor - Surface & Patina on Metals
Lecture on historical and contemporary use of Patinas in the production and maintenance of Sculpture and fine art.
Develop and present curriculum incorporating chemical agents designed to alter and induce permanent color changes on Bronze, Copper and non-Ferris metals. Develop safety protocol.

Instructor – Mold Making
Lecture on historical and contemporary mold-making techniques and processes for fine art, prop and theatrical uses.
Develop curriculum using a variety of industrial and custom materials for the production and uses of ridged and flexible molds, castable materials for theater and industry.

UNIVERSITY CITY HIGH SCHOOL (2007 – 2016) San Diego, Ca

Instructor/Curriculum Developer- Fabrication and Design is an A-G Fine Art Sculpture course introducing students to Art in Industry while exposing students to history & a wide range of material, equipment and processes used in industry.  Our program included developing personal skills such as a good work ethic, problem-solving, self-reliance and being part of an effective team. 

1.9 Million Dollar Prop 1D Grant   2015 - 2016

Fabrication and Design competed statewide and earned a 1.9 million Dollar facilities
and equipment grant. Facilities will be ready for the 2017-2018 school year.

Selected Exhibitions:

2008 California Center for the Arts, Escondido Ca., “After Hours” Juried Exhibition,

2004 Palomar College, Bohem Gallery, San Marcos CA. Faculty Exhibition. Fiberglass, steel and ceramic sculpture.

2004 Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, San Diego CA. Faculty Exhibition, Glass and bronze.

2003 Grossmont College, Hyde Gallery, San Diego CA. Faculty Exhibition, Steel Sculpture.
Oil and acrylics on wood panels with cast asphalt.

2007 Grossmont College Hyde Gallery, San Diego CA. Faculty Exhibition, Mixed Media Sculpture.

2007 Grossmont College Hyde Gallery, San Diego CA. Invitational Sculpture Exhibition, Mixed Media Sculpture.

2003 Simay Space Gallery, San Diego CA. Group Show. Juried Exhibition, Steel, bronze, glass sculpture.

2003 Palomar College, Bohem Gallery, San Marcos CA. Faculty Exhibition. Ceramic sculpture.

2002 William D. Cannon Art Gallery, Carlsbad CA. 4th annual Juried Exhibition. Steel, bronze, glass sculpture. Purchase Award. 

2002 Palomar College, Bohem Gallery, San Marcos CA. Faculty Exhibition. Cast/ fired ceramic shell sculpture.

2001 Art Glass Association of Southern California, San Diego CA. Juried Exhibition “New Glass” Glass sculpture.

2000 University of Hawaii International Sculpture Invitational, Juried Invitational Exhibition Catalog. Glass and bronze sculpture.

2000 Art Glass Association of Southern California, San Diego CA. Juried Exhibition “Circle of Glass”. Glass and steel sculpture. * First Place Mixed Media, * Best of Show

Art Glass Association of Southern California.

Honolulu Advertiser, Contemporary Art Museum, Honolulu, HI. Blown Glass Vessel.

National Publications ArtWeek Magazine
Vol. #31, issue 5, page 25
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