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The Teen Launch  

Hello Teen People, Parents & Educators,

I have a vital message for the pre-teen, teen, parent, and educator. I expand on the "How To" of protecting and directing the teen launch and supporting their
 path into adulthood. Enjoy learning about my message by watching
  The Teen Launch !

A little history - I was a troubled teen in a dangerous and frequently violent home. I beat the odds and survived, and even thrived. Through the challenges, I learned many critical life lessons that I have a passion to share. It was inevitable that I would end up teaching and speaking to teens. Today's teen can thrive in our high-risk culture by making good choices. I am delighted that I have had the opportunity to speak to many thousands of teens throughout Southern California.  

In the last decade, I ventured into full-time high school education as I developed a curriculum with my partner, Monte Mansfield MFA. We called our program Fabrication and Design. On the surface, the program was an industrial arts program however the primary objective was to provide an environment in which the students would develop life skills and a strong work ethic. It was highly successful and it gave me an opportunity to observe and support countless young people as they traversed adolescence. This extended time in the teen culture gave me a world of insight that has strengthened my teen motivational and prevention message. 

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